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2022/7/1 ~ 2022/8/31

JAL153Tokyo (Haneda)07:4509:00
JAL155Tokyo (Haneda)10:3011:50
JAL2817Sapporo (Okadama)11:0512:05※1,2
JAL2163Osaka (Itami)13:2014:55
JAL157Tokyo (Haneda)15:1016:25
JAL2819Sapporo (Okadama)17:3018:30※3
JAL159Tokyo (Haneda)17:2518:40※4

※1. Flies every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
※2. 7/4~7,11~14,19~21,25~28、
8/1~4,17,18,22~25,29~31 No Service
※3. 8/1~4,6~16 Operating
※4. 7/15~31 5 Minute Late Departure

Departure and arrival time could change without notice. Check detailed flight status on JAL (Japan Airlines) website.


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Baggage Claim

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Contact JAL (Japan Airlines) if you forgot to claim your baggage, claimed a wrong baggage, or left anything on the flight.

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